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This brand was born on MARCH23. Developed for the self-conscious, independent woman. She loves to live her life her own way. Fashion is not an attitude, it's her way of living. She will never lose her curiosity and is constantly seeking for new challenges. She will always believe in herself. She loves to be noticed but not to be looked at. She does not compromise but will negotiate. She is 2/3 dedicated but 1/3 crazy. She's always ambitious, never lazy. She loves icons not idols. She breaths fashion but is not a victim. Usually she wins but is not afraid to lose. She feels young like Madonna and admires the Grace of Kelly. She will never become a desperate housewife but loves her children and sometimes her man. She loves to go to Disneyland with her kids but prefers Ibiza with her Bff's. She loves smoothies but drinks cosmo's now and then. She doesn't eat junk food, but loves it the day after. She listens to Bach, Nirvana and Amy but dances to Swedish House Mafia and other living legends. She loves to walk on killer heels but wears her 10 year old sneakers with pride and elegance. She never did it but loves to do it. She loves her March 23's and stores them close to her overpriced designer handbags. Every single product of MARCH23 is made with passion and love. Thanks for believing in us, wear your MARCH23's with pride.